• Who We Are

    We have been a clan for 2 years and we have a Tier 7 Citadel. Like all clans (though really we consider ourselves a family) we have a vast history, one that has its ups and downs naturally. During the down times we always rise back up. Rebuilding isn't in the easiest, but it always molds us together, and we always come back stronger.

    Do you have any questions?

    You can contact anyone of the staff in game or you can go to our online forum and leave a message there. We can also be found on TeamSpeak!

  • Clan Information

    Clan Home world: 104
    Clan Chat Name: Reborn Fate
    Clan Colors: Black and Blue

    Ranking System (RP)
    RP can be earned through various activities such as:
    Attending Events - 3RP earned per event
    Hosting/attending Mini's - 2RP for hosting 1RP attending
    Bumping Forums - 1RP each day 2RP extra for entire week
    Recruiting - 3RP each recruit or 2RP if recruited as a group
    Capping - 15RP
    Member of the Week - 15RP for obtaining
    More information about our ranking system can be found here.

  • Be part of our family!

    Hop into Runescape and Join us!

    We are looking for active and loyal members that would like to join a social clan, full of characters. We host different events each day and we'd love you to attend them. (Event schedule is posted here aswell as an explanation of mini events) We'd also love you to help us by capping at our tier seven citadel. At this tier level we have a woodcutting, mining, smithing, crafting, summoning, cooking and firemaking plot.

  • Rules

    1. All Jagex rules must be followed.
    2. Absolutely NO multi-clanning!
    3. Respect the leaders/founders of the clan.
    4. Don't start drama.
    5. Treat everyone in the clan with respect.
    6. No Luring.
    7. No putting admin+ onto your ignore list.
    8. Real life things always come before what happens on here, worry about that first.
    9. No copying the owners or any admins usernames.
    10. No impersonating any owner or any admins whatsoever.